farm friends

The interest and support of local agriculture is growing and growing in our region. We are located in Chester County, and have met some wonderful people in our area as well as the farmer’s markets we attend.

Here’s a few fine folks that we know & love to support…

Down to Earth Harvest – Robert was our farming partner in the past. He & his wife, Amy, have a bountiful CSA and attend local markets. Their farm is located in Downingtown, PA.

Cranberry Creek Farm – Mary-Jean and Jeffery have a farm in the Poconos. They raise goats as well as other animals. They sell their delicious goat cheese, milk, and various meat products at Philadelphia area farmer’s markets and at their farm store.

Nomadic Pies – Molly has a pie shop in Kennett Square, PA, where she sells her homemade pies, using local ingredients whenever possible. Instead of adding to the landfill, Molly had the genius idea of giving us the kitchen scraps  every week to feed our hungry pigs!

Sun Bear Apiary – Dan has a small beekeeping operation in Chester County. Sun Bear Apiary sells raw honey and produces their  own locally-raised queen bees and nucleus colonies.

Big Hill Ciderworks / Rex Farm – Troy is a fellow vendor at the Kennett Square market. From his farm in Adams County, PA, he brings a wide variety of fruit and berries, hard and sweet apple cider, and other products. He and his partner Ben handcraft the best hard apple cider we’ve ever had!


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