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Feel free to contact us!

Drop us an email or give us a follow – we often post photos + let you know what we’ll have at market!

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Phil & Shanna Smeltz

(484) 748-0649

Farm location:


4 thoughts on “contact us

  1. any plans of a more local CSA pick up ? I live just down the road in Christiana, PA. Would love to try your CSA.
    Happy Planting…

    1. hi Diana!

      Thanks for reaching out to us again. I am sorry to tell you we aren’t organizing a CSA pick-up at the farm this year. We are still getting our feet under us and want to make sure we bring as much as we can to market. A farm CSA may be in our future at some point, or possibly a farm stand. I’ll keep your email on hand and let you know if we do something like that. Thanks again for your interest in our farm and hope to meet you at some point!

      Take care

  2. I notice that you do not grow corn or lima beans… is that correct?

    1. Hi John,

      That is correct. We do occasionally buy in items for our CSA from local farmers with comparable growing practices. In the past we have bought in sweet corn for a week of the CSA.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have other questions.

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